Murphy Plywood

Murphy Company is America’s premier provider of quality softwood plywood, beautiful veneered hardwood plywood and panels, and innovative engineered wood products. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, Murphy maximizes the use of every log.

By controlling the manufacturing process – from trees to finished products – Murphy meets customer requirements at a competitive price. A determination is made for each log as to the best use of its veneer. The bark and peeler core are recovered as well, so nothing is wasted.

Founded in 1909, and now in its second century of Murphy family ownership, the company’s longevity is often attributed to its consistent, long-term investment in its facilities and people, its commitment to customer service, and its continual development of innovative products.

Murphy takes pride in reducing emissions and providing its workers with the safest possible work environment. The Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Association (HPVA) recently awarded Murphy with its certificate of CARB compliance, recognizing the Eugene hardwood veneer mill for its commitment to quality control procedures and testing requirements. These procedures ensure the mill’s hardwood products meet or exceed ATCM requirements. Murphy is also LEED certified, as a version 4 manufacturer, which is LEED’s most up-to-date version. We take pride in manufacturing hardwood veneered products that meet the stringent environmental and sustainable requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council.

Core Types

Murphy offers many core options on its hardwood plywood products (see table below). The four most common cores include:

  • Veneer: Well-suited for cabinet and casework, veneer cores are manufactured by alternating the grain direction of each layer by 90 degrees. This cross layering creates exceptionally strong, lightweight and dimensionally stable hardwood plywood with excellent screw holding characteristics.
  • Composite: Using a particleboard (PB) or medium density fiberboard (MDF) core makes for a smooth, stable and flat plywood panel. This core type is perfect for projects requiring routing and shaping operations.
  • Calibrated: This is the choice for high-end cabinet and furniture manufacturing requiring exact tolerances. Calibrated cores feature a precision inner ply with an exacting thickness consistency across the sheet.
  • FiberPly: FiberPly features excellent machinability and superior screw holding combined with exceptional panel strength and durability. It features inner veneer layers and MDF layers under the hardwood face and back veneers. This core offers the strength and stability of a veneer core but offers a void-free surface for the face and back veneer producing a rigid, smooth panel.