Roseburg Skyblend Particleboard

Roseburg SkyBlend Particleboard is a specified green particleboard panel. It is EPP certified to be 100% recycled wood fiber particleboard and has No Urea Formaldehyde added during the manufacturing process. The panel is a multi-layered substrate produced using a blend of wood fibers and particles that deliver the most desirable properties of each species. It is sanded to an extremely smooth, tight, and grainless surface on both sides. The core has a controlled distribution pattern of particles that creates the perfect dimensionally stable panel. Roseburg SkyBlend is engineered to the highest quality standards providing customers with the most desired properties. SkyBlend particleboard is available as raw board or can be specified as a core for mixed loads of Roseburg Duramine Melamine Panels, Hardwood Panels, Durashelf Melamine Shelving, Pre-Finished Light (Low) Basis Wt. Paper Overlaid Panels, Pre-Finished Vinyl Overlaid Panels, Pre-Finished UV Clear-Coated Panels and Pre-Finished Painted Panels. Available in industrial grade only.

Features & Benefits

  • FSC® Certified SkyBlend available.
  • Core is tinted, making the product readily identifiable in the field.
  • No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF).
  • Can contribute to achieving LEED® credits.
  • Made from 100% recycled fiber content (fiber basis).
  • EPP – Environmentally Preferable Product.
  • Meet or exceed ANSI standard A208.1-2009.
  • Designed for laminating.
  • High-quality smooth surface.
  • Tight machinable edges.
  • Excellent dimensional stability.
  • Meets CARB Phase 2